My parents moved to the suburbs in 1957.  They purchased the model home of the new development; a ranch-style bungalow with a sunken living, dining room.  As it was the model home there were many ‘extra’ decorative features included.  One of those features was the paint finish on the walls in 2 of the bedrooms, the hallway and the wall above the fireplace mantle in the living room.  A special technique of ‘painted-on wallpaper’ was applied to the walls.  A ‘Master Painter and Decorator’, as they were called back in those days, applied a very detailed decorative finish using paint to give the impression of wallpaper.  I shared a bedroom with my sister that had the special paint technique; soft grey with little bouquets of white flowers in a repeating pattern. (See photo below)  My mother coordinated the bed linens in yellow and then pink.  Years later in 1973 my mother hired an ‘Interior Decorator’ to redecorate the bedroom that my sister and I still shared.  Now keeping in mind that this was the ‘70’s and the theme of the time was “mod and groovy’ our bedroom was decorated in the most amazing way!  We had wall-to-wall lime/chartreuse green shag carpet, white faux fur bedspreads and the grooviest part was the wall finishes.  On three of the walls was a vinyl wall covering of vertical wavy stripes of bright yellow, goldenrod, black, white and chartreuse green.  The paper had a gloss finish.  The remaining wall was painted in the brightest, sunshine yellow.  We had draperies made to match the ‘groovy’ theme that were white and weaved.  I remember the paperhanger man being very experienced (read mature) but very frustrated at hanging this very heavy, not pre-glued wallpaper.  Years later I was the one who sadly had to strip the wallpaper off and prime over the yellow paint.  The walls were then painted a colour that leaves no memory with me yet I can recall every detail of that bedroom from the very distant past.   As a wise person once said “Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose”.


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