Life of a Sofa

My MIL (mother-in-law) just bought a new sofa.  After 60 years the living room sofa has been ‘traded in’ and upgraded to a new, linen covered, contemporary, ‘condo-sized’ sofa.  Suffice to say that MIL is ecstatic about the new addition.  This got me to thinking; “could I live with the same sofa for that long, could I carry on a happy relationship with my sofa for that many years?”  Mind you MIL did have the 60-year sofa recovered a few times.  My mother’s first sofa was a red sectional or rather a 1950’s, curved, 3-piece sofa.  Very mod.  It was relegated to the ‘rec room’ after many years of good service in the living room and recovered in a durable family fabric.  That sofa many years later (still with the same durable family fabric) found its way to another family member’s home.  The sofa carried out great service there until it was thrown in a dumpster after a terrible basement flood.  So this sofa too was 60 years old.  Now my living room sofa story is very different.  I am now on my 6th living room sofa.  Two were delegated to the dumpster, 3 found new loving homes and I am happy to say that my present sofa I do love.  Although I definitely know it will not be with me for 60 years.  I guess I like change and I like to change often.  I move my furniture around a lot, change cushions, add throw blankets, remove throw blankets, reupholster and have a steady stream of alternating accessories.  They say that your sofa is always your ‘investment piece’ when it comes to decorating but I say ‘yes, buy a good quality sofa but always allow yourself an option for change’.  I will never forget the moment when my parents’ house was sold and we moved out the living room sofa.  There, looking down was the un-faded spot on the wall-to-wall carpet where the sofa had sat in the same place for so many years.  It was like the chalked outline at a murder scene.  You can bet that we made a mad dash out of there!  I think it was at that moment that I realized that ‘change’ is a good thing for in movement there is life and in change there is creativity.

1 thought on “Life of a Sofa

  1. I LOVE NEW YORK! Reading your fresh eye accounts brought back all the wonder, majesty and COOL of that great city! So much to savour, see and do! Repeat visits definitely a must. I have been going for years and still delight in discovering a new neighbourhood, yet another great little restaurant (off the grid better yet!)…an eye-popping museum (The Frick is a favourtie….so intimate!) And…Did I mention shopping?!
    Now you’ve had your first taste, I wish you many more…Only next time, can I come too?

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