A Very Cool Stool

Okay by now you know I love orange.  Orange as an accent that is.  I have had a red sofa but I am not sure if I could do a large investment piece in orange.  i.e. An entire sofa in orange, but never say never.  I recently bought a small orange stool to park next to my white leather sectional.  I had been looking for some time but could not find exactly what I was looking for.  Viola!  There it was.  I believe in always waiting to find exactly what you want.  This stool is very organic in shape and texture so next to the square lines of the sectional it looks good.  It is also a wonderful piece to rest my feet on when lounging and is strong enough to serve as an extra chair pulled up to the desk. 

But just this morning this new very ‘mod’ looking stool comes sliding on to my horizon.  It is the Ripplestool (www.ripplestool.com) designed by Tokyo-born Kota Nezu.  His jellyfish stool is “a stool with built-in LED and a water tank. Your natural movement of sitting on it will produce stunningly beautiful ripples; you will feel as if you were seated on the water.”  This stool sounds very cool but alas I have made my decision and will continue on with my ‘organic orange’ stool.  Which would be your choice?  And by the way did I mention price $$ was a key factor?!!

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