The Gift that Keeps on Giving

For my birthday recently I received a beautiful gift of potted red gerberas.  I put them into a white ceramic pot (contrasted nicely with the red) and placed them on my kitchen counter.  The flowers lasted quite a while and their bright cheery colour provided a boost on many grey spring days.  I decided to take photos of these flowers and so with my camera setting at digital macro I took some very close shots of the gerberas.  The details that were captured are striking.  Magnified beauty!  The photo provides more details of the flowers than the naked eye can see.  Digital macro is a very cool setting on the camera. 

I am thinking I may have this photo enlarged (8 ½ X 11 or bigger) and then framed in an oversized frame.  I use the RIBBA frames from IKEA and then cut my own mat to size.  It is a very affordable way to have some original art.  I think the red flower, white mat and black (or white) frame would look great anywhere; see my photo shop example.


My cheery red gerberas are now in the compost bucket but their beauty lives on; truly a gift that keeps on giving!


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