The Man Cave

I thought in the aftermath of the (Lord) Stanley Cup playoffs I would write about the location I found myself at for the final championship game.  Yes, I was a ‘jump on the bandwagon’ kind of fan but hey, I was there supporting the team.  Ah….but which team??!!  I spent the evening in a ‘Man Cave’!!  My friend has outfitted his garage into a sports-central, man cave zone complete with all the necessary furniture and accessories; décor very befitting of a man cave.  It is a double garage so the dimensions are good.  The focal point is the built-in bookcases storage units with a LCD television mounted above it.  There is an under counter stainless steel wine beer fridge and lovely amusing artwork hanging on the walls.  There is the required punching bag necessary for venting at half time.  There are numerous bicycles, shovels and power sprayers for hits of colour.  There are lots of comfortable seating made of durable, heard-wearing nylon fabric complete with beverage holders.  The chairs are foldable so they can serve multiple uses.  The window coverings are vintage terrycloth towels.  The lighting is by the glow of the television and the stars in the sky.  Not to mention the beautiful full moon that was out last night.  I enjoyed the evening very much as there were lots of friends and neighbours to share this momentous occasion with, not to mention that the setting and ambiance were perfect.  My friend has definitely achieved what he set out to create; a fabulously designed ‘Man Cave’.  Well done!!

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