Dyson Air Multiplier – Very Cool!

So…..is it hot enough for you?!  I do love summer and never complain about the heat because winter is just so long and so cold and always seems to be just around the corner.  We do not use air-conditioning at our house but fortunately we are surrounded by large trees that provide shade, live near the water for breezes and have a cooler (renovated) basement that we can retreat to.  But I also like to have the windows open to hear the sounds of summer.  We have on occasion used a fan during the night but the noise of the fan blades chopping the air does not make for a restful sleep.  Enter the new Dyson Air Multiplier Fan® with its completely bladeless, non-buffeting design.  I had a chance to check out the Dyson fans today and was quite impressed by their contemporary, hip looking design.  The Dyson fan has great style and if standing in the corner of a room would appear as an interesting piece of art or architecture.  They are also much quieter than a standard fan and because there are no blades they are safer and easy to clean.  I even put my fingers on the fan while running which is a total no-no with standard fans.  The detail that was difficult to overcome though was the price tag.  The small fans start at a hefty price of $300.  Which makes me wonder, does great design have to cost more?  Hhmmm?  On that thought I am heading off to the cottage for a few weeks so keep cool and enjoy the rest of the summer.


                      Image via Modmissy

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