IKEA Catalogue

Well it’s that time of year again…….when the new IKEA catalogue comes out!  IKEA’s first catalogue was published in Swedish in 1951 and is now published in 55 editions, in 27 languages for 36 countries.  Full of anticipation, I open the catalogue and start leafing through the pages looking at all the new items and am reminded of similar feelings I had as a child when opening the new Sear’s Christmas Wish Book.  Remember?!!  Although now on my Wish List there would no longer be an Easy Bake Oven but probably a fabulous new IKEA kitchen!  This year’s catalogue focuses on IKEA’s love of creating smart spaces and their clever solutions to making life at home better for their customers.  Something I found interesting in this year’ catalogue is IKEA’s descriptive headings of ‘Timeless and Simple’, ‘Natural and Graphic’, ‘Earthy and Industrial’, ‘Bold and Minimal’.  The master of flat packing is now speaking to the customer as ‘designer’, who makes purchases based on knowledge of style and beauty and then of course low price.  The IKEA catalogue is always full of inspirational room settings and interpretation of their products multi uses.  IKEA  helps the customer think outside of their proverbial box and find their way home with a flat pack box!  Pick a catalogue up or visit IKEA at www.ikea.com



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