Dauphin – Perillo


The photo above was sent to me attached to an invitation.  Any guesses as to what the photo is??  Last week I attended IIDEX/Neocon Canada which is Canada’s national design exposition and conference and Dauphin Human Design www.dauphin.com, one of the many exhibitors present, sent me this invitation to visit their booth to view their new products.  The above photo is showcasing Dauphin’s Perillo, an eye-catching contemporary lounge chair.  Designed by German designer Martin Ballendat, Perillo is created from one continuous, uninterrupted sheet of thermo plastic that forms the back, seat and armrest.  The chair has a high gloss finish available in a ‘rainbow’ of colours.  Perillo’s futuristic design and simple sculpted appearance had me wondering if this chair would be comfortable so I made a point of checking out their booth at the event.  I sat in the chair and discovered that this chair was indeed quite comfortable.  I immediately loved the look of the chair too.  With its whimsical and unique space-age shape the chair appeared to be smiling at me and it made me want to smile too.   I was reminded of the song by Louis Armstrong, “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you”.  Such a ‘happy chair’, perfect for conference rooms and lobbies to keep everyone smiling! 


               Image via MODMISSY

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