Convertable Furniture

I have been busy decorating a condo in a newly constructed building.  A 1100 sq. ft. condo may sound great and look good on paper but once a homeowner occupies the space they often realize that sometimes the square footage is not exactly in the areas where one wants it.  For example the master ensuite is very large whereas the principal room, living/dining room, could have been larger.  The key to decorating the space is all about the furniture, the lighting and the accessories.  The correct furniture will make the space appear roomier and will also make the space function well.  I love the challenge of decorating ‘small spaces’.  I know that 1100 sq. ft. may not seem small to some people but when a homeowner is downsizing from a much larger space the challenge is in ‘re-programing’ the homeowner to understand how they can still have everything they had before but just in a different way.  They can still entertain 6-8 people comfortably.  They can still have their office space, a media area, a ‘cook’s’ kitchen, a library and a reading nook.  Many times I have said “space is overrated”, it is not how much you have but how you use it.  While sourcing items for the condo I came across some items I thought I would share.  The photos show how a space can convert from an office/ library/media area into a bedroom at the touch of a fingertip, without disturbing everything in the room.  Take a look.





   Images via: 1 & 2 –    3 & 4 – Bonbon Compact Living Solutions

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