Rock Inspiration

A friend of mine vacationed this past summer on Georgian Bay, Ontario with her family.  Each summer they tour around the lake in their boat and set up camp on one of the many 30,000 islands in Georgian Bay.  The marvel of the ‘sixth Great Lake’ is the beauty to behold in the windswept pines, the endless beaches, the majestic towering cliffs and the granite rock formations. The rugged beauty of the area inspired the artists of the Group of Seven to paint the Canadian landscape and thus started the first major Canadian national art movement.   Part of Georgian Bay sits on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield of granite bedrock exposed by glaciers at the end of the last ice age approximately 11,000 years ago.    While hiking across Beckwith Island my friend found a rock, probably granite that she immediately fell in love with and decided to carry it for the rest of the hike.  She even had to swim with the rock out to where the boat was anchored.  Although the rock was grapefruit-sized, it became very heavy to carry after a few hours.  But determined she was.  The rock made its way back to the city and took up residence on her fireplace mantle.  The colour of the rock, the sheen, the organic-ness of the rock became the inspiration for my friend’s living room makeover.  Each time there was a question or query as to what her direction or style was my friend looked to the rock.  In came a new deep grey sectional, a ‘greige’ shag area rug, and large matted, white framed prints for over the fireplace, new white drum shades on the black lamps, and a natural stone-topped cocktail table.  A white leather chair is on order and the hunt for a mid-century wood chair to place in front of the fireplace has begun.  The end wall in the dining room was painted in a deep grey as a stunning feature wall.  Accessories in silver and glass have been added also.  The room looks fabulous.  My friend is thrilled with her results.  And all this from a rock!


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