Hanging for the Weekend


This is where I would like to hang for the weekend – no pun intended!  I came across this photo while doing some product search at RoomandBoard.com and liked the layout.  It was the 5 white pendant lamps hanging above the space that caught my attention.  The room’s ceilings must be quite high thus creating a space with possibilities for overhead drama. These sculptural lamps were designed by George Nelson in 1947 and became instant icons of mid-century modernism.  The lamps are constructed of a steel wire frame and covered with translucent plastic giving a nice soft light.  These lamps are part of the permanent collection of the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City.  Also in this space I love the contrast of the white walls with the striated exotic wood floors that are left mostly uncovered to appreciate their true beauty.  The tall window with no surrounding trim or molding is quite contemporary in design and also allows for an unimpeded view to the outside greenery that lies beyond.  The full height white fireplace creates a striking focal point for the space.  The redefined ‘fire-scape’ with the natural river rock insert is a nice departure from the traditional log insert.  The hearth is both wrap-around and raised off the floor.  Nice details.  I love the dove grey velvet-looking sofa.  The sofa’s very clean lines go well with the contemporary feel of the space.  Completing the look is a Venatino marble-topped table and a natural fibre area carpet.  Actually completing the look would be me sitting on the sofa with a nice glass of wine and a great book!  Enjoy your weekend wherever you happen to be ‘hanging’.

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