Gifts over $250

I have been remiss in writing and have not posted for some time but I do apologize.  My internet service had been down for over 10 days!!  I was ‘grounded’ by my Internet Service Provider due to ‘technology difficulties’ that took them almost a fortnight to rectify!!  Absurd I know.  The holidays have begun – Hanukkah started yesterday and Christmas is fast approaching.  Thought I would share some last-minute gift ideas that are over $250 – when the pressure is on the ‘price’ is often overlooked.  First up would be a Martha Sturdy resin bowl.  This Canadian ‘Martha’ is internationally known for her unique handmade pieces of functional art.  Each resin design is exclusive to itself; having its own colouration, air bubbles, irregularities and textures. 

Next would be the Georg Jensen Masterpiece Pitcher.   Designed by Henning Koppel of Denmark in 1952, this polished steel carafe is simple but sensuous with an elegantly extended handle and exaggerated lip.  This pitcher whether it is holding water or wine would be the sparkling centerpiece on any table.

Of course if I could I would love something from Hermès, that wonderful orange (love it) box company.  Truth be told I am a girl who prefers the orange box to the (Tiffany) blue box!  Check out this website to get a peek into the world of Hermès.

And just as the flicker of a candle at this time of year is so festive I thought the swirling flame of the A|Design Twistfire Fireplace would be appreciated at any time of the year.  The Twistfire uses bio ethanol and has 3 curved glass planes that allow air to circulate and create the ‘twisting’ effect of the flame.  The matte stainless steel fireplace is made in Germany and stands 2 ft. tall.  The Twistfire is a very unique expression of fire befitting of the backyard or poolside. 

Best of luck!

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