Your Weekend Travels

While researching for rooms that I would like to spend some time lounging in this weekend I came across this bedroom photo from

I chose this room for a few reasons.  Overall it felt like a calm space, everything is fairly neutral except for the pop of colour coming from the orange pillow.  The grey bedding is a colour that is on trend right now.  I really love the large window that goes right to the floor flooding the room with natural light.  The decision to go with bedside tables that are not identical appeals to my “non matchy, matchy” inclination.  A very functional bedside reading lamp allows for easy bedtime reading.  The black and white framed art above the bed offers interest.  Of course the mid-century modern piece of furniture gets great applause.  The Eames Molded Plywood Chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1946 provides the ‘classic’ piece for the room.  The acrylic lamp and glass table are the departure from having too much wood in the room.  And of course one could not help but notice the large cowhide ottoman.  But the main reason I chose this room is that it reminded of a place I had visited many years ago – South Africa.  Actually it reminded me of the Rondavel I slept in while visiting the Kruger National Park located in the north-east part of South Africa.  A Rondavel is a round hut with a thatched roof.  Fairly rudimentary on the inside with 2 beds built from rough lumber and some basic storage.  It was the design of the bed that reminded of the above photo.  The legs of the bed rather than being recessed underneath the frame were at the edge.  Since the Rondavel was tight on space I found myself repeatedly whacking my toes on the wooden legs while walking around the bed.  I was lucky that I somehow managed to avoid breaking my toes.  With over 7500 sq. miles of land to travel in the park there was no room for broken toes.  Since then I have avoided purchasing any bedframes that have the legs on the edge as I know they are potentially hazardous for me!  Also the cowhide on the ottoman reminds me of the many beautiful Springbok that I witnessed roaming naturally in the wilds of the Park.  This trip was the trip of a lifetime and I love to be reminded of it any chance I get.  So here’s to your weekend travels wherever they take you.  Enjoy!


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