Benjamin Moore Color Pulse 2013

Last night I attended Benjamin Moore Color Pulse 2013 for a look at emerging design and colour trends.  The presentation took place at the Corus Quay in downtown Toronto, which in itself is a very ‘colourful’ building thus creating a very vibrant evening.  Travelling to the far corners of the earth throughout the year, Benjamin Moore gathers their inspiration and translations of world trends.  They visited furniture fairs, art shows, met with artists, attended fashion events the world over.  “Where our physical spaces intersect with our desire for expression, we seek to balance the dynamics of everyday living with cultural, environmental and personal reflections through design and color.  Benjamin Moore’s color forecast for 2013 explores these tenets and translates them into tomorrow’s color palettes”.  This year’s main theme was Intersection – the convergences of space, time, ideas and relationships.  Divided into 4 sub-groups:

  • Interflow: reintroducing colour and texture of the past.
  • Intercylce: repurposing and upcycling, new potential for useless objects
  • Interanimate:  escaping the everyday with bold and dynamic colour
  • Interconnect:  technology evolving into organic form.

In a previous post I wrote about Pantones Color of the Year being Tangerine Tango whereas Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year is not just one colour but rather the ‘pulse’ of many colours.  Benjamin Moore’s ‘pulse’ of colour for 2013 are:

  • Sophisticated reds
  • Soft pinks
  • Deep coral and camel toned oranges
  • Red/orange toned yellows
  • Kelly green and pale green
  • Watery blues
  • Mauvey purples


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