Fur Throw

Okay don’t shoot me.  I know wearing fur is politically incorrect but it was the 1980’s when I bought my fur coat; big hair, shoulder pads and fur coats were in.  I had just started my first full-time job and even before I bought my first car I bought a fur coat.  I guess I thought that standing at the bus stop at 5a.m. and taking 2-hour rides on public transit each day to work was not an inconvenience if I wanted that fur coat.  I still remember the day I purchased my coat. I was with my Mother.  We headed to Spadina Avenue in downtown Toronto where there were numerous furriers to choose from.  I selected a mid-length coyote trimmed in fox.  (I know, I know, even as I write this I am feeling bad!)  Truth is I never ended up wearing the coat very much as I always felt a little suspect.  Years later the coat still hangs in my closet.  I do not wear it and probably never will.  I can’t justify having a fur coat but I also can’t justify throwing it out.  So I keep it.  But recently I have been noticing in home design/décor magazines the appearance of furs as throws.  I would like to think that no recent animals were hurt in the process and that these furs are vintage.  So I have pulled my coat (now vintage) out of the closet and lay it across the sofa – in tribute.  And oh, by the way, I bought my first car soon after the purchase of the fur coat.  A 1974 VW Beetle – but no animal was hurt in the process.

PS. Sorry, no photo.

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