My Stay-cation Weekend

Today marks the start of March Break also known as Spring Break.  A week off to enjoy doing whatever pleases you whether that be a vacation to a warm destination, a skiing vacation, or a stay-cation.  I have opted for the stay-cation and plan on spending time being a tourist in my own city – Toronto.  But for today I thought I would choose a place I would like to spend time in this weekend.  This bright living room feels like I would be ‘getting away’.  Floor to ceiling windows flood the room with sunlight allowing me to feel like I was in the sunny tropics not to mention the possibilities of night-time star-gazing.  Lots of comfortable seating planned with different conversation zones in mind.  Good lighting for reading.  A couple of poufs/ottomans for extra seating.  A variety of tables to hold a book, drink or snacks.  And the pool!  What’s not to love about walking outside and taking a soothing dip in your private pool overlooking the village below.  Enjoy your weekend.

Image via B&B Italia

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