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Last fall I wrote about my fence design dilemma.  Well the dilemma is still ongoing as I have not yet decided on the design of the fence that desperately needs replacing in my backyard.  Last weekend I decided to hang out in the city or as I like to call it I was a “tourist in Toronto” and took the opportunity to visit many different neighborhoods.  No sense travelling to other world cities if I don’t know my own city!  While walking through various residential areas I made a point of looking for interesting fence designs.  This is a great time of year to do some research as the greenery that will soon hide fences has not yet started to grow.  I noticed a design theme emerging with many of the style of fences that I came across – horizontal fence boards.  With my camera in hand I took photos of my findings.

One of the first fences I came across was this one and I liked it for a few reasons.  I liked the framing effect of the horizontal boards giving the appearance of panels; like a Shoji screen.  And I like the colour.  Definitely a good contender.

Next was a fence with horizontal boards that was not framed.  I really liked how the fence mirrored the design of the garage door.  Not to mention the fabulous contemporary house!  Although I thought that if it were not for the garage door this fence could have appeared less residential and more commercial-like.


Then I came across this unique fence that appeared both traditional and contemporary in design.  Built into a brick wall were panels with horizontal wood.  Breaking up the hardness of a solid brick wall the wood gave a soft relief to the fence.   This fence felt like English Garden meets Zen Garden.  I think this backyard would be interesting to ‘room scape’ in the summer.

Then I came across this fence that also had horizontal boards but the boards were staggered.  Being built in sections with very tall fence posts I felt that the mix of horizontal boards with prominent fence posts was a juxtaposition of styles.

So after a day of research I think I have come a little closer to solving my fence design dilemma.  Or maybe not!

All images via Modmissy


1 thought on “More Fence Designs

  1. Thanks for showing off some of these different fence designs. I actually really like the fence with staggered boards. I think it adds some interesting variety and texture to the overall design.

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