Bedroom Art

Last week I wrote about My White Bedroom and had many inquiries from people asking about the art on the walls.

The painting above the bed was done by my son a few years ago.   Since he was quite young I enrolled him in art classes each year.  At the end of each session we had a new canvas for our walls!  This piece is titled ‘Prairie Sky”.

The other painting in the room is a large piece that I have titled,  ‘On Top of the World’.

We came to own this piece in an unusual way.  Our neighbour had this painting sitting outside their backdoor for a few weeks.  Curious as to why a nice piece of art was sitting outside in the elements we inquired – “it’s rubbish”!  The story was that this had been a wedding gift but since the marriage had ended the painting was no longer wanted.  Understandable.  So we asked if we could have it and this large, colourful piece of art became ours.  One person’s trash, another person’s treasure!  And we truly do treasure this piece of art.  My walls are painted Benjamin Moore Florentine Plaster CC-520 with the rest of the room being fairly neutral so this colourful painting provides the pop of colour.

And by the way people also asked if my space is always that tidy……YES!

All images via Modmissy

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