Ladies Lounge – after

A few weeks ago I wrote about my friend SW (SuperWoman) who was in the process of transforming her old wooden garage into a ‘ladies lounge’.

One year ago SW had decided that her garage could be better used as a backyard retreat rather than a storage space for ‘extra items’.

With a lot of love and elbow grease SW has achieved what she set out to do – she has turned a sow’s ear into a silk purse!

This was the ‘before’ photo with holes in the walls, old linoleum on the floor and lots of clutter:

This is what SW’s efforts produced – the ‘after’ photo:

Bikes, tools, ladders and garden paraphernalia used to clutter the space.

Now everything is tucked away out of sight behind softly draping white curtains.

What was involved in the transformation?  The walls and ceiling were stripped back to the studs and sprayed a calming white.  An old brick fireplace chimney was removed.  The old linoleum was ripped up to reveal wood plank floors and then painted moss green.  Holes in the walls, floor and ceiling were repaired.  An old work bench was given a coat of white paint so that now it can be used as a bar and/or buffet table.  Furniture and accessories were brought in.  The orange futon provides the hit of colour in the room and a great place to take an afternoon nap.  The round teak table with inlaid mosaic top (a real score!) is a fabulous nod to mid-century modern not to mention a great surface for a game of Scrabble.  Any furniture that could was given a coat of white paint.  In the lofted ceiling a light that twinkles like the evening stars was wired in.

The lofted ceiling.

A pretty vignette.  And by the way, SW made most of the baskets in the space – yes she does basket weaving too!

So in her relentless pursuit of happiness, SuperWoman has moved mountains (and junk) to create a ‘getaway’ worthy of a super hero!!  Bravo SW.

All images via Modmissy




13 thoughts on “Ladies Lounge – after

  1. Tell your friend I’ve been looking forward to her retreat! Kudos! White is so refreshing! But, where’d those cute white metal chairs go? 😦

    • Hi Jeni – funny thing…..when I was photographing the ‘after’ pics I was thinking of you and your previous comment asking about the white chairs. Subsequently I think I will do another post about the ‘extra furniture’ and where some of those pieces are now. So stay tuned. PS. How are you feeling these days (post accident)?

      • Really well, no neck brace but still experiencing pain which is quite normal for a neck fracture. Doc says I’m healing fine….thanks for asking!

  2. Well done to both of you…Fabulous darlings!
    Looking forward to a girl’s friday nite invite to see the transformation with my own eyes!

  3. Rustic elegance. I like how the storage area is easily accessible but hidden by those large grommet curtains; the re-purposing of the workbench with the legs left original; the handcrafted baskets as art and function. Nice that you posted the before and after.

      • I have, actually. Small baskets using pine needles as the raw material. And lots of baskets if fibre such as rope and paper is considered. I find making vessels – something that ‘houses’ something else – very satisfying.

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