Niagara Falls

This past weekend I visited Niagara Falls, Canada.

The Horseshoe Falls dropping about 173 feet in distance and averaging 4 million cubic feet per minute of water crashing over the crest line provide an amazing spectacle of the power of water.

But while admiring the falls I find it hard to ignore the beautiful colour of the water.  The green colour is a byproduct of the ~60 tonnes/minute of dissolved salts and very finely ground rock produced by the erosive force of the Niagara River.  But I am thinking paint colour – Benjamin Moore Greenwood Lake 2037-50.  A fresh green that brings life to spaces, illuminating the room with pure, extraordinary colour.

Of course design takes inspiration from nature and fundamentally shapes how a person experiences the world.  One only has to take a look at the Waterfall Table and can predict what the designer’s inspiration possibly was.

Design is everywhere.  In life take time to smell the roses and notice their beautiful colour!

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