Iris and Emmie

Every Home Stager has their tricks of the trade; the ‘go-to’ items that are used when getting a home ready for sale.  One such item I often purchase for staging was the Iris Roman Blind by IKEA.  This simple to install and very affordable (~$7) white cotton blind was the perfect solution to dress up a bathroom or even a small kitchen window.  Unfortunately IKEA discontinued the blind (safety issues) and just when I wanted one for my own home too.  Darn!

But here’s an interesting story.  One day I pull up to the car wash and while waiting for my turn in line I decide to tidy up the inside of my car.  Just as I am about to throw my garbage into the pail provided for customers guess what I see standing up in the garbage pail? An IKEA Iris Roman Blind still in the package.  Brand new never been used and exactly the size I was looking for!!  What are the chances?

But goods news, IKEA now sells a blind similar to the Iris – the Emmie.  (Must be the sister version!) This blind is also a good-looking, affordable solution for a window.

I like the tailored crispness of this blind and can see it hanging in a bathroom, nursery, kitchen, cottage or wherever.

Check it out.

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