Black and Orange

I love the colour orange and I love the colour black but I personally try to avoid pairing them together in my décor.  When combined I associate these two colours as Halloween-like.  But in honour of today being Halloween I thought I would share some items that do exist [successfully] in black and orange.

These terracotta coloured bricks appeared very orange in the bright afternoon sunlight combined with black wrought iron and trim work.

I saw this Enamel Vessel Pentad by Tom Dixon in a shop window.  Très décor!

The Magic Hole Chair designed by Philip Starck for Kartell.  Just a small pop of colour does make this black chair rather fun.

This contemporary coffee table designed by Jean Baptiste Sibertin Blanc is very mod!

This bathroom vanity definitely receives top marks for colour ingenuity!  Could you do it?

The Karlsson Mini Flip Wall Clock is something that I could set aside my no black/orange rule for.

Now wouldn’t this totally ‘decked out’ Porsche look great parked in front of my house!?

Hope you have a very fun-filled Halloween!

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