Opposites Attract

On this day, November 16th 1959, The Sound of Music opened on Broadway and on November 16th 2001, the first Harry Potter movie opened.  Both were blockbusters.

Set in 2 completely different eras, one in the mid-20th century and the other in the 21st century.  Maria is governess to 7 children of a widower and Harry is an orphan.  Maria flies around the countryside singing to the mountains, while Harry flies on a broomstick.  If The Sound of Music were to open in theatres today we might find it dated and if Harry Potter had been viewed in the 1950’s it might have been too modern.  Yet Maria finds magic through the sound of music and Harry finds magic through wizardry.

Opposites attract.

Mixing of eras, mixing of styles.  But a connection exists.

And thus in décor the same happens.  The juxtaposition of modern with antique, contemporary with vintage, in some way there is a wonderful partnership.  Pieces that blend and contrast at the same time give interest to a room.

A modern fabric will ‘pop’ new life onto an antique settee.

The warmth of the wood of this antique desk pairs well with a modern chair producing an office space that makes one reflect.

The mixture of chairs all within the same colour palette combined with modern abstract paintings and an antique sideboard creates a cohesive dining room.

I love the mix of ornate old character and clean modern pieces in a contemporary white space.

The boldly patterned wallpaper provides the perfect background for mixing of styles in this entryway.

Whatever your style, whatever your preference – mix it up and create your own ‘blockbuster’.

All decor images via houzz.com

8 thoughts on “Opposites Attract

  1. This is brilliant. I absolutely love the lede, finding the similarities between a classic story of family strength and the independent strength of a young wizard. Wonderful!

    And I really want the gold pinecone piece on your second to last picture 🙂

  2. Both of those movies are big hits in my family! I love the mix in your pics, and try to mix it up in my house too. Modern pieces I love are easy enough to find, but I really struggle with finding antiques that work and are in my budget. My dream is to shop for some old pieces in Europe. Some day!

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