Happy New Year!

I want to say farewell to 2012 – it was a good year.

I remember as a child on the 1st day back to school following New Years the teacher would write in big numbers on the chalkboard the new year.  And I would think “Wow.  The future.”  The future held so many unknowns, so many mysteries.  But that was when I was 7, 8, 9, 10…. and at that age my learning curve was steep and my ‘unknown’ curve was even steeper.

As one gets older life is broken down into increments of time.  4 year university degree, 20 year mortgage, 2 year bank loan, net 60 days, 40 hour work week, 8 hour shift, 3 weeks holiday, 2 ½ hour movie, 4 hour drive, 6 week delivery date, etc.  Life is intervals of time mapped out in doable increments.

The future is not quite as much a mystery but life undoubtedly is.

So let’s welcome in the New Year and start 2013 as a new beginning with lots of wonderful opportunities that lay ahead in our future.

Health and happiness for the New Year.


Happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Wise words, as always! It is such a pleasure to read your stories. I look forward to many more witty, inspiring and thoughtful Modmissy’isms!
    May the New Year bring you much JOY, PEACE and GOOD HEALTH!
    Cheers to you! xo

  2. Love the pictures and your colour creations!
    The concepts you write about are always interesting!
    Keep it up and thanks for creating your blog
    Happy New Year- emphasis on the NEW

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