The ‘How To’ of Shopping IKEA

Congratulations to Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) on the recent arrival of their first IKEA store!

For a city with a population of approximately ¾ million, the people of Winnipeg have been patiently waiting for the opening of their big ‘blue and yellow’ retailer.

Now being a bit of a veteran when it comes to shopping at IKEA I thought I would share my tips and suggestions on how to best tackle (shop) this big store.

(Or for anyone who may be a bit timid when it comes to shopping IKEA read on.)

IKEA logo

Welcome newcomer,                                                                                                        Your first trip to IKEA has finally arrived.                                                                               As a seasoned shopper with valuable tips,                                                                              I will explain how I have survived.

Navigating the big blue and yellow store,                                                                         Initially may seem like no easy feat.                                                                                    But with a few of my simple tips,                                                                                              I promise there will be no sense of defeat.

Most important of all,                                                                                                              Is to wear your most comfortable shoes.                                                                   Because as I have already mentioned,                                                                             IKEA is big and has lots and lots to view.

Don’t worry about ever getting lost,                                                                                     For IKEA has this unnerving dilemma sorted out.                                                             With big arrows on the floor,                                                                                                 An easy way-finding system avoids any sense of doubt.

Before beginning your IKEA journey,                                                                                 With smaller ones in tow,                                                                                                   You might like to use the Småland childcare service,                                                          Its free and yours if you choose so.

Head directly up to the 2nd floor,                                                                                          For this is where you will see.                                                                                         Room settings that will truly inspire,                                                                          Designed with IKEA furniture and accessories.

Now you might need to understand,                                                                                While you are on your shopping mission,                                                                          That IKEA’s roots and origin,                                                                                             Hails from the country of Sweden.

So be prepared to be introduced,                                                                                         To POÄNG, KLIPPAN, LACK and LIATORP.                                                           HEMNES, OPPDAL, MALM,                                                                                 ASPELUND, RYKENE, PAX, and EKTORP!

Now that you are more fluent in Swedish,                                                                        Head to the 1st floor and grab a shopping cart.                                                                    For on this level you will begin to discover,                                                                           All the kitchen ware, bedding, lighting, carpets and art.

Now keep following those arrows,                                                                                      And very soon you will see,                                                                                                 The place that has made IKEA globally known,                                                                      A warehouse full of flat-pack and self-assembly.

And don’t forget to take some time,                                                                                      To nosh on a variety of IKEA treats.                                                                                    For there is lots of fabulous food,                                                                                       Eat-in or take-away that just can’t be beat!

You have now successfully made it to the end,                                                                With the check-out clearly in view.                                                                                     You never got confused or lost,                                                                                          And had a wonderful shopping experience too!

The End!

All words composed by Modmissy




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