A Heavenly Home

Continuing on the theme of religion in décor I thought I would share another transformation of church to home.

The former St. Jakobus Church located in Utrecht, Netherlands originally built in 1870 was converted into a beautiful modern townhouse in 2009.

With almost 5000 sq. ft. of living space and ceilings that soar to 14 metres (46 ft.) high the Utrecht-based firm of ZECC Architects undertook the transformation from church to home with a great attention to light, space and functionality.

Converted Church Utrecht

Converted Church

Converted Church interior

Converted Church interior

Converted Church interior

Converted Church interior

Converted Church bathroomTruly a ‘heavenly’ transformation!

Images via ZECC Architects

3 thoughts on “A Heavenly Home

  1. Beautiful. I love the spaciousness and that the details of the original building were kept, but it does seem a little too much like a gallery space to be a comfortable home. If it were my place, I’d cozy it up a little with more furniture groupings and rugs, perhaps add depth with darker paint colours in key areas. (Though, these being architect’s photos, the photos are probably from before the homeowners moving in and living in it.)

    • So very true – warmth and comfort could make this ‘church’ a wonderful home.
      It would be so much fun not to mention very creative to transform this space into a personal haven.

  2. Love this! All that space! Of course, you know where I’m coming from!

    Glad to see you’re “back in business!”
    Big hugs,
    – p.

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