My Spool Bed

A year ago I wrote about my ‘curbside treasure’ – my antique Spool Bed. (see here)   Spool Bed

I stated that “one man’s garbage, another woman’s treasure”.  ????

Well……after a bunch of (my hubby’s) elbow grease, this old spool bed that was left for garbage at the side of the road is now my cottage bedroom treasure.

Nothing short of totally dismantling, re-gluing, sanding, staining and altering to fit a bigger mattress the spool bed’s makeover is now complete.  Sweet dreams!Spool Bed

All images via Modmissy

7 thoughts on “My Spool Bed

  1. Love it! Looks totally professional. I have a bed frame in the garage (iron) that i also found by the side of the road, but i’m not quite sure how to attach it to my daughter’s bed base properly. i may need to borrow your husband 😉

    • Best thing to do is to pull that iron bed frame out of the garage and start staring at it! Kidding. But I know that with me out of sight out of mind. (I think my hubby puts things away hoping I forget so I don’t bug him!!!) Could try Google to see how to adapt the bed frame to attach it to your daughters bed base? Good luck and let me know if you have any success.

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