Gotta Run!

“Gotta run!”

The catch phrase of today.

Everybody is on the move.  Go, go, go!

Subsequently multi-tasking has taken on a whole new meaning.  Eating on the run, driving and texting, walking and talking on a cell phone and even applying makeup or shaving while driving.

Unfortunately in many people’s haste the once beautiful ceremony of drinking tea (or coffee),  Tea Set Whitehas been reduced to drinking from a paper cup while ‘on the run’.  And the worse part of reducing this historical ritual to a “gotta run” activity is the random placement of finished cups.            Tim Hortons coffee cupStarbucks Coffee Grande

Starbucks Coffee Cup

McCafe Coffee Cup

So today if you can take time to smell the roses tea/coffee. And please don’t litter!Tea Set SilverAll Images via MODMISSY

2 thoughts on “Gotta Run!

  1. Here here! My dear Australian Mum taught me the joy of a ‘proper’ tea. It always involved the best bone china, a silver tray and a little flower completed the picture!
    I have personally recycled so many cups I have found in stores left by careless customers, it’s astonishing to me!
    By the way, dear Modmissy, I think we’re overdue for a little ‘slow’ tea! Cheers to your clever post!

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