Today marks the 32nd year of my Mother’s passing.

I’ve lived longer without my Mother than with my Mother.

But her memory still lives on.

She may not be with me here in person but her words of wisdom, her style and her inspiration will be with me forever.

Through example I learned:

The Lessons My Mother Taught Me:

Buy the best you can afford and use it

Always look your best. 

(Hence buy the best you can afford.)

It’s a sin to use the word H. A. T. E. 

Never use the word H. A. T. E.

Be kind.

Be gracious.

Don’t be wasteful.

(Hence buy the best you can afford, use it and buy no more.)

Make a tidy house look effortless. 

Take pride in your work.

Always think before you speak.  Saying less shows greater wisdom.

Stay active.

Keep smiling.

Find your spiritual self.

Love your family. 

But the number 1 lesson my Mother taught me was,

Life’s too short to be unhappy. 


michele mom and peter - Copy


  1. Wise words! And Joyeus at this time of year. Merry Christmas Modmissy.

    And by the way I shared your blog on ‘never be afraid of…..’ with the whole company at our last gathering. Thanks.

  2. Good lessons from Nonie! We need to reflect upon them more often and take less for granted. Life is too short more so for some than others. To believe u have lived longer without than with her. Is humbling. Be proud u learnt from the best❤️



  3. I remember well as we had just landed in Joburg the day before. She was an amazing lady and taught all of you great life lessons which you have upheld over the years. You have wonderful memories to cherish. With love

  4. Missy, your mom (Nornie) was one of a kind! So gentle, kind, stylish and wise! She lives on through you, Parker and your nieces! Her genetics are so apparent in our family! She would be so proud of the lady you have become!

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