Cork Flooring

The character of a room may come from the furniture and accessories but the structure and true nature comes from the wall, ceiling and floors.  The floor beneath your feet provides the most tactile sensation than any other surface.  With every step, your foot registers and responds to the surface it comes into contact with.  I recently had to install a new flooring treatment in the basement of my home.  The basement could have a possibility of being damp so I ruled out carpeting.   I decided against stone tile because it would be too cold without radiant floor heating.  Hardwood was also not an option as the basement is sub-grade.  My remaining options were few.  In the end I decided to install cork, the glue down cork flooring that is approximately 3/16″ thick.  I chose a medium dark brown stain and a 12″ X 24″ size tile.  Cork is an all-natural, environmentally responsible product harvested from the bark of the cork tree.  Very Green!  The benefits of cork flooring are its softness, resiliency, resistance to moisture, thermal insulation, acoustical insulation and anti-allergic.  Everything that I wanted.  But until you live with cork it is hard to grasp how amazing this product really is.  In bare feet I feel no cold coming from the concrete floor below.  It has given the ‘media room’ a soundproofing quality.  It feels smooth and looks fabulous.   I love my cork floor!


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