Stand with Style

The weekend!   Is there anything better than time for self, to recharge and indulge?  When the weekend comes I like to bake. Or rather I like to create a wonderful vignette of a ‘feast for the eyes’.  A while ago I purchased a cake stand for a prop to stage a home for sale.  The glass cake stand was on sale (perfect price for a Stager) because the domed glass lid was broken.  No problem, I already had a domed lid that belonged to a cake plate.  I propped the cake stand with green apples, added some ‘apple’ green tea towels etc. and the kitchen helped sell my clients’ home.  Since then I have employed that cake stand in my own kitchen many times.  Everything from buttermilk apple cake to banana muffins to bright red peppers.  I find whatever I place on this cake stand ‘elevates’ whatever I display.  It takes the ordinary and makes it special.  It makes me feel like I am noshing at some classy establishment without ever having to leave the comfort of my home.  Whether it is in the kitchen with baked goods to drink with tea or on the dining buffet with appetizers to accompany drinks with friends, the mood is heightened.   So next weekend get out that special plate, pile some ‘yummies’ on it, make the tea or pop a cork and set the stage for a moment to recharge and indulge.   Style is in the details!


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