My Purple Chair

I like checking out thrift/vintage shops.  To me, it is all about the thrill of what possibly lies inside.  ‘What will I find?’  I think also it is about the memories that are attached to the items.  The sense of looking into and having the sentiment of a bygone era.  Vintage finds will give you a sense of what the post-war 50’s, the swinging 60’s and the groovy 70’s may have felt like.  I have ‘scored’ some wonderful items in these thrift shops over the years.  Recently I purchased a silk Hermes scarf for $6.99 (vs. $200 plus)!  I like to wear it (proudly) but if that is not your thing, re-think its purpose and sew it into a fabulous cushion cover.  One time I spotted a ‘pink’ Saarinen-style dining table.  I stood in front of this table for many minutes not only because the whole pink thing made me smile but because I wondered, “where could I see myself using this? Garden furniture?”  I eventually moved on and left the pink classic to the next person.  But one of my most interesting finds had to be a purple, full length, 100% mohair coat ($7.99).  I purchased this coat and had it dry cleaned.  I had no intention of ever wearing this coat but instead it was the mohair fabric that I coveted.  I had been looking for months for fabric to re-cover a Louis XVI chair with.  Mohair was what I had originally wanted but the cost had kept me at a standstill.  With chair and coat in hand I visited my upholsterer.  He had a good laugh but did agree that the fabric was a wonderful solution for the chair.  One stipulation…I had to take the coat all apart.  No problem.  If I could save $$$ on the fabric what’s a little effort.  I have now enjoyed my purple mohair chair for many years and the fabric has stood the test of time.   So next time you visit a thrift/vintage shop, keep your mind open to all the possibilities that lie waiting for you!


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