Can’t Live Without…

When opportunity occurs I like to take a walk along Bloor St. in downtown Toronto.  Heading west from Yonge St. I stroll past all the shops checking out their window displays.  Jewelery, shoes, clothing and decor shops all create some sort of design in their windows for passerby’s to view.  The window display I was really taken with was Holt Renfrew’s.  WOW!  A riot of colour like you couldn’t imagine.  It may be really cold outside (think snow flurries in April) but their windows were hot!  The theme of their window display was “This spring you can’t live without…” and done in all the fabulous colours of spring.  Various media personalities were quoted as to the items they could not live without and the items were displayed in some vibrant and lively fashion.  Someone couldn’t live without lemons, lots of lemons.  Someone couldn’t live without their dog.  Someone else it was a great white shirt.  Someone a LBD (little black dress).  And of course someone couldn’t live without chocolate.  This got me thinking; what could I not live without?  Hmmm?  I’m thinking yellow tulips, French macaroons, birdsong?  So…let me know what it is that “this spring you can’t live without”?   PS.  A big shout out to all the window designers out there who put smiles on our faces and thoughts in our heads!


6 thoughts on “Can’t Live Without…

  1. I love seeing the world through the eyes of Modmissy!
    As I tend not to venture beyond the Beaches so this blog is fantastic!

  2. These days I can’t live without my glasses, unfortunately. But I also love my after-dinner walk on calm, crisp spring nights, especially after a glass of wine at dinner and an extra homemade cookie. Love your new blog!

  3. you know I just can’t live without MY list of things… first off

    * Ms Dee Dee Dallas— she’s THE BEST!!! Hands down! Thumbs up!
    & generally ALL animals, birds etc etc. (Maybe pass on the reptiles tho)

    * Five F’s — Flowers Foliage Fauna, & Mucho Family & FUN!

    * COLOUR!! all those pantone swatches have been my friend for years,

    * Words!!! Poetry, stories, books, manusripts, songs you know all those letters…makes me wanna break out the scrabble game & crosswords

    I could go on but will stop here!

  4. With each passing day, I realize I need less than I did the day before but I do know what I can’t live without… the song of the birds, the blue of the sky, the green of the grass, the explosion of Spring and of course what completes life, is the love and laughter of children of all ages from the first cries of a newborn to the crazy antics of the teens. I look at them and see the future. Awe but I must admit that I couldn’t see these things without …………. you guessed it, my glasses!!!

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