Local Art

I recently attended the Art by Designers Exhibition, now well-known as the AxD event.  This unique show was originally created to bring awareness of Interior Designers’ artistic abilities to the community and promote the practice of interior design.  The evening also has a silent auction of Interior Designers’ donated artwork benefitting Inner City Angels.  Inner City Angels is an arts education charity that involves Toronto’s inner city children in innovative arts and learning programs with professional artists.  Over the years, Inner City Angels in their commitment to breaking barriers for inner city children has reached over 5 million children through art.  The AxD event is always well attended.  While noshing on delicious food and strolling through a fabulous gallery, I viewed the many pieces of art done by over 50 designers.  With each piece of art, the designer/artist had their bio.  One designer’s bio stated that “I make art because it’s hard to play by the rules all the time”.  Another designer wrote “As an interior designer my eyes are eternally open to my surroundings”.  The silent auction pieces were all on small, ~8”x10” canvases with each artist displaying their own unique style.  There really was some beautiful art here.  Also taking place this weekend which I plan on attending is the art sale, Small Paintings for Small Spaces The event takes place in a historical building that is only open to the public for special events.  So like the AxD event I get to walk through another great venue that in itself is very artistic.  Some art shows you even get to see the inner sanctum of the artist’s studio.  Both the AxD and Small Paintings for Small Spaces are great opportunities to acquire truly one of a kind, affordable pieces of art.  Often the artist just wants to cover their cost and have the opportunity to have a piece of their art hanging on your wall.  So this weekend do a little research in your local newspaper, magazines or internet and see what is going on in a neighbourhood near you.  As Stella Adler, an acclaimed actress once said “Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one”.



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