Take it Outside

Have you noticed lately that everything you read from magazine titles to newspaper headlines to advertising flyers are telling you the same thing?  Live your Life Outdoors, Hit the Deck, Take it Outside, Embrace your Outer Place, Bring the Indoors Out.  Whatever the slogan, the message is the same – get outside and experience everything spring/summer.  Truly enjoy it.  Embrace the warm weather.  I could not agree more.  After a long winter nothing feels better than the real warmth of the sun.  (not the furnace!).   So get ready and take your home in a whole new direction…..outside!  But now that you are out there maybe it is time to re-think your personal style.  Does your outdoor space reflect your same sense of style as the inside of your home?  Or do you have plastic inside too?!  (I jest!)  These days you can outfit your outdoor space with fabulous furniture and accessories from big box stores to hardware stores to luxe stores with all price points.  So once you decide on how you plan on using your outdoor space get going because garden furniture sells out quickly.  Do you like to sit outside with a drink and a good book, therefore something cozier?  Or do you like to do alfresco entertaining with dining table and chairs?  Or sprawled out for afternoon naps on a chaise?  Whether you decide to go with teak or pine, wicker or resin wicker, wrought iron or powder coated steel the choices are endless.  In my own backyard which is very small I opted for comfortable chairs with coordinating cushions sitting around a large coffee table.  Due to space restrictions I could not have a dining table and therefore the chairs have large arms to hold a plate of food or a drink.  The large coffee table is great to put lots of food on so I can still dine alfresco but also a great spot to put my feet up when needed.  For lighting and ambiance I have a candelabra hanging over the coffee table.  Add lots of pots of flowers and herbs, throw lots of candles around and there I am.  But If I could….I would have a resin wicker sectional with a few chairs and a low coffee table with some fabulous outdoor carpet underneath.  Add some great contemporary tall pots with swaying grasses, great lighting, and a water feature and there you have it.  My outdoor living room!  So this year express your personal style and serve up a thoroughly entertaining summer.   





DEDON: Lounge Collection www.dedon.de

6 thoughts on “Take it Outside

  1. Hey, great post. Yes, I agree that outdoor furniture should not be limited to tacky plastic chairs. A backyard can become an outdoor living space, granted it have the right furnishings. People should really start to consider the pleasures of enjoying their backyards or outdoor spaces, especially in urban centres.

    keep up the good work modmissy!!!

  2. Love your idea of an outdoor livingroom. Got some ispiration for my “tiny” terrace. Found also a great site full of dedon outdoor livingrooms. Like especially their vases.

  3. i loved this set as well… I bought it but now I have an issue. a bird has destroyed the back cushion on one of the chairs and I cannot get it replaced at all. you don’t happen to know where I could get one do you. I love the brown piping on the cushions and how they slide onto the chair top so it does not move anywhere

    many thanks

    • Hello Kristine – sorry I do not know where to find replacement cushions but I would recommend contacting an upholsterer about repairing the cushion. Good luck!

    • I have the same set and the sun has taken its toll on the fabric. Were you able to find replacement cushions and do you know the product name of the furniture? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the web!

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