My Colourful Fascination

I have a confession.  I am one of those people who before reading a greeting card (birthday, thank-you etc.)  turn it over and check out the ‘label’ on the back. GUILTY!   Now I know that some people take offence to this and feel slighted by my ‘flipping action’ but that back page tells so much about the card.  On the back is a notation about the front page art or artist, or what charity is responsible for the card, or what country the card originated in, or whether the card is 100% recycled.  Etc. Etc.  Once I have these details I can then take my time on enjoying the inside of the card.  Just my standard procedure.  Now while on confessions, I have another one.  When I am perusing through books, the hard cover kind, I always fold back the dust jacket to reveal the cover.  I run my hand over it to feel the texture; some are smooth, some are rougher.  Very tactile.  I prefer when the hardcover is void of any printing or decorations.  But my favourite part of the reveal is to see the colour of the book’s hardcover.  The colour that was chosen for that particular book can tell so much.  Classic design books, often black.  Fashion tomes, the colours of the rainbow.  Cookbooks, travel books – limitless.  I love finding orange books, or chartreuse, or bright pink, canary yellow and robin’s egg blue.  A stack of great coloured books (sans dust jacket) sitting on a coffee table can add so much to a room   I once found two old books (vintage romance –sweet stories) that had the colour and texture of linen.  So…….who else is guilty of this fascination?!!


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