Now you see, Now you don’t

Isn’t it amazing the difference a few weeks can make.  In my backyard, truly the size of a small ‘courtyard’, my space literally transforms from an open patio into a hidden oasis; a very calm and private retreat.   Both of my next-door neighbours have birds-eye views into my backyard as our homes are all 3 stories high but by late spring my backyard foliage fills in and I am in total privacy.  Over the years I have strategically planted and re-planted many trees and bushes in my backyard.  Not only do the trees provide shade they now provide my anticipated concealment.  The trees have also grown in size that they provide a full canopy over the yard; similar to a huge sun umbrella.  In fact I can no longer see any neighbours, beside me or behind my.  I have created what I call ‘my fortress’.   I do like my neighbours but when you live in the city a little solitude is nice.  Similar to living spaces within the interior of a home, my trees are like pulling down the shades or drawing the blinds.  Sometimes it’s not about what you see but what who you do not see!



2 thoughts on “Now you see, Now you don’t

  1. What a splendid example of working along with nature to give you sun in the cold months and shelter and privacy when outdoors welcomes. The photos show the comparison. A leafy bower. Can imagine you seated there.

  2. We also have privacy at the back of our city property, atop a riverbank, especially in the spring/summer when the foliage is lush, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But some unexpected visitors have dropped by the backyard — an opossum who was just hanging off the balcony, foxes, wild turkeys, raccoons, rabbits and their bunnies, deer, ground hogs, etc. As long as I don’t leave any food out, they are quiet neighbours I don’t mind sharing space with.

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