Outfit a Room

While out for a stroll recently I spotted a dress on display in a shop window on the other side of the street.  I knew instantly that I had to have it so I jay-walked right across the street to get to that shop and that dress.  No second thoughts; I bought that dress.  The dress is a black and white stripe long summer dress.  Casual and fun.  While paying for my purchase I noticed a basket full of colourful bracelets.  Of course my eye immediately went for the orange bracelet.  (As I stated in a previous post, ‘orange is my new red’.)  So out I go from that store with a new black and white striped dress and an orange bracelet.  Instant decision, happy me.  Normally, I do not make quick decisions when it comes to my clothing or my décor but this purchase just seemed right.  When I got home I laid out my purchases, added a white hat and a blue jean jacket and voila, a whole outfit came together.  So the other day I put my new outfit on and stopped….!  As I looked around my bedroom I started to smile and the realization hit me then.  Not only was I dressed in black and white stripes with blue and a hit of orange but so was my bedroom!!  My ‘summer’ bedroom had the same colour scheme happening too; white coverlet, black and white striped pillows, orange lamps and blue art.  That is why I made such a quick decision on the dress purchase; it felt familiar.  Interesting huh?  So is it your clothes inspire your home décor or your home décor inspires your clothes?  Next time you are wondering what colours to decorate a room with, colour that is suited to your personal tastes and comfort, take a look inside your closet.



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