Electrifying Emilio Pucci

As I may have mentioned I collect silk scarves.  I love the feel of the silk.  I love the colours and patterns on the scarves.  I love the history behind many of the scarf labels.  So, I recently added to my collection and treated myself to an Emilio Pucci silk scarf.  Happy Birthday to me!  The scarf is a very long rectangular shape with colours of purple, lavender, turquoise blue, yellow and black and bears the ‘Emilio’ name printed throughout.  Emilio Pucci, born in 1914, the son of a wealthy Italian aristocrat, was a scholar, skier and WWII pilot but was best known for his work as a fashion designer in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Pucci started using textiles with stretch and movement and brightly coloured patterns and dizzying prints eschewing the trend of the time of heavy fabrics and dull colours.  Pucci clothes “looked like they’d sprouted roots and bloomed on their hangers.”  Pucci’s transformation of fashion created quite a stir and developed a fan following from Sophia Loren to Jackie Kennedy.  Even Marilyn Monroe was buried in one of Pucci’s dresses.  Over the years, the Pucci design house often collaborated with home design companies; Rosenthal dishes in the 1960’s to Italian furniture maker Capellini.  Pucci’s electric coloured, kaleidoscopic patterned fabric has adorned everything from pillows to furniture.  Now if I could only adorn my home with a Pucci upholstered chair, definitely a room ‘wow factor’!



Image 1:  www.capellini.it

 Image 2:   www.visionamidcenturymodern.1stdibs.com

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