Summertime Art?!

We often make choices based upon labels.  I am referring to the labels on consumer products.  A lot of time and creative energy go into designing a products image, the visual appeal, its brand.  As consumers we often reach for a product and buy that product based on the label.  Just the same with interiors when our eyes rest on a room’s focal point so to do our eyes stop at a product on the shelf that has a great label. The colours, the patterns, the artwork, just the same as a room’s décor!  Every summer we are bombarded with new and catchy labels at the liquor/beer store influencing us to make the purchase.  The label that has caught my eye this summer is the very colourful and artistically graphic Corona® beer bottle; there are 6 different unique labels in all.  The entire long-neck bottle is wrapped in a ‘beach cover-up’ of a tropical setting.  I like these summer labels with their great colours and beautiful graphics and in fact I find myself colour coordinating my bottle choice to my clothing!  One of the labels has graphics that would make a great piece of framed art.  (See photo 2 below)  I have had a few conversations with other summer imbibers, some like the labels and some do not like the labels.  Those who do not explain that the classic yellow and blue label is fine the way it was and feel a change was not necessary.  I can’t argue with that as I am also a big fan of classic pieces i.e. Furniture, but this summer I am just having fun with these labels and their riot of colour. 



1 thought on “Summertime Art?!

  1. I have yet to see those bottles as a fan of the beer! I hear you as an artist in the summer everything seems to come easier for me in regards to just creating. I live in Denver and love the winters but creating seems to take effort. In the summer something as simple as spilled milk inspires me. Thanks for sharing.

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