The Dock Appeal

During the summer I am very fortunate to be able to spend time at the cottage which is located in the Kawarthas.  Everything at the cottage is ideal; the views, the magnificent pines, the calm water, the sunsets.  We have a lakefront cottage with a flat sandy shoreline that is great for setting up chaise lounges, tables, beach blankets or whatever is needed for a day of lounging.  Perfect, right?  Well a few years ago when our dock needed replacing the master builder (my husband) was persuaded that what we really needed (read wanted) was a large new dock that would allow for us to set up a lounging and entertaining area right on top of the water.  The sandy beach was nice but the appeal of the water was greater.  There is nothing quite like having a ‘room’ sitting on top of water.  We built a 12 ft. X 24 ft. dock that sits just a few inches above the water (not a floater) and one that is easily removed for winter.  Brilliant design.  Kudos to hubby.  Of course now that we had this large dock or as my FIL (father-in-law) coined it ‘Michele’s Living Room’, it had to be decorated.  Several Muskoka chairs, comfy cushions, tables, foot stools, pots of flowers and of course the large market umbrella.  Just as there should always be an umbrella in your drink there should be one on your cottage dock to create that ‘I am on holiday’ ambiance!  Some evenings we have even set up a dining table and chairs on the dock to dine alfresco underneath the stars with the sound of the water lapping underneath.  Pure paradise.  As I stated in a previous post, neither man nor woman can improve on Nature, but we certainly can enjoy it.


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