Paint and Popcorn

After venturing down memory lane yesterday and blogging about my first home, I found I had a deluge of memories come flooding back.  Writing about my first date with Mr. Renovate, who later became my hubby, I was reminded of another funny incident.   After refinishing the hardwood floors I decided that the living/dining room needed painting (again!).  My colour choices were inspired by a charming old brick building I had noticed on my daily journey to work via public transit.  The building had aged terra-cotta coloured bricks and trim work painted a wonderful deep historical blue.  Popular colours in the 80’s.  I thought that with my hardwood floors, white trim, blue/white striped sofa the historical blue and deep terra-cotta paint colours would complement well.  So my date (now bumped up to boyfriend status) and I painted the blue on all the walls except the stair wall which was to be painted as a feature wall in terra-cotta.  But that darned feature wall was giving us problems.  The first time we painted it – not good, second time we painted it – streaked with white.    So the third time (days later) when we painted this terra-cotta feature wall we purchased new rollers, brushes and another can of paint.  I told boyfriend “OK, this is the last time – let’s get this right”.  He was going to paint and I was going to make some popcorn to celebrate the successful completion.  So out to the kitchen I go and just as I was bending over getting the pot out of the bottom cupboard I felt something hit me.  Something wet and runny!  My date/Mr. Renovate/boyfriend had followed me into the kitchen and had been vigorously shaking the paint can when the lid popped off and I was now covered in terra-cotta paint from head to toe!!!    We never did have our popcorn nor was the painting completed that night but we still laugh about the time I became the painted feature!        

Eating Popcorn with Mr. Renovate!


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