Admiring from Afar

This weekend I had the good fortune of being able to ‘plunk’ myself in a chair on the dock at the cottage and just watch the world go by.  To just sit by myself and gaze out at the lake and listen, watch and ponder.  To listen to the call of loons, watch the boats and water skiers go by and think about something, anything or nothing at all.  It is a rare moment when we truly can zone out and leave our busy lives turned off for a moment.  (Actually there is no cell phone or Internet coverage available here!)  From this comfortable perch I look towards a cottage on an island, one of the sights that my eyes always come to rest upon.  For years I have admired this cottage from afar with its nostalgic laid-back appearance.  The cottage was built almost 70 years ago and is still occupied by the original homesteader.  It was erected atop a huge rock and seems to just hug the water’s edge.  I have never been inside this charming cottage but the ‘decorator’ in me often wonders what the interior would look like?  But that I think is the biggest appeal of all, of not knowing but continually pondering and coming up with all kinds of different décor ideas.  My favourite design would be of weathered woods with natural fibres and a soft muted palette.  Although the ‘white cabana’ feel could be a great style also.  Maybe it is more of a nautical feel with stripes of blue and white and accents in red.  Whatever it is I am happy in never knowing because as a wise man once said “Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and seeing something different.”


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