Switch it Up

My friend has this fabulous piece of furniture in her home that I had not noticed before.  It is an orange (loving it!) console table that is just the perfect size to place between two doorways in my friend’s home.  The orange is similar to the trademark colour of Hermès orange www.hermes.com.  It is Asian-inspired in design although that is not the overall decorating theme of my friend’s home.  This piece does not take itself too ‘serious’ but rather adds a bit of fun to the space.  The hardware’s aged bronze patina and the roughhewed edges of the doors/drawers give the console an appearance of an original not the reproduction that it is.  The reason I had not noticed this piece of furniture was that it was located in another spot in the home.  In a place where it was not being admired or treasured as much.  My friend purchased the piece some time ago but since she has moved the console table she is enjoying it so much more.  It’s like having a new piece of furniture.  She says looking at the orange piece makes her happy.  So….look around your own home and see if you have an item that could be moved to another spot. To enjoy in a new way.  Switch things up!

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