Summer Stars

Whenever I vacation at the cottage I can only sit still for so long until I get the urge to ‘create’.  To make something.  I love to cook and bake so I do lots of that, (big smiles from family!) but ‘crafting’ is something that really appeals when I spend time in the great outdoors.  I recently attended an afternoon of ‘wine and women’ at a neighbours cottage where familiar faces and some new ones got together on a Tuesday afternoon to share laughter and play lawn games.  We all bring our favourite ‘appy and sips’ but this year I felt the urge to also bring along a hostess gift.   Our cottage is not located where I can just ‘pop’ out to the store to purchase some cocktail napkins or scented candle so this was my perfect opportunity to create a nature-inspired hostess gift.  After walking around the property and picking up a bunch of sticks I decided to create something with twigs and twine.  And what better shape than a star as there is no better place to watch the stars in the night sky than at the cottage.  My hostess loved the gift and remarked that she had the perfect spot in her kitchen where a nail was already hammered into the wall just waiting for the ‘star attraction’!







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