Fruit and Vegetable Inspiration

I recently visited a farmers market.  It is that time of year when the selection of fruits and vegetables is so abundant and varied.  My senses came alive by the sights, smells and the feel of the freshness.  I ended up purchasing more than I could carry and quite possibly eat.  As I strolled along the stalls of fresh produce I also noted all the colours of the fruits and vegetables.  A cornucopia of reds and greens, yellows and oranges, purples and beige.  I took photos of the produce and noticed the similarity between the colours of the fruits and vegetables to the colours of home interiors.  So a trip to the farmers market may prove more valuable than just acquiring fabulous, fresh food because you never know where inspiration may hit.  ‘Feast’ your eyes on the photos below!

Radishes vs. Sarah Richardson – Benjamin Moore Burnt Peanut Red

Asparagus vs. Martha Stewart Green

Lemons vs. Martha Stewart Bright Yellow

Carrots vs. Martha Stewart Orange

Eggplants vs. Benjamin Moore Raisin Torte

Garlic Bulbs vs. Martha Stewart Shades of Sand

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