My Plastic-Molded Chairs

For the past few weeks I have displayed on Modmissy’s Wish List a red Panton S Chair.   The futuristic-looking plastic molded chair was designed in the 1960’s and its sculptural design makes it as much a piece of art as a functional piece of furniture.  Very mod!  I have not yet acquired one of these chairs but not all wish list ‘wants’ are fulfilled.  But what I have recently acquired are 2 orange plastic molded chairs with chrome legs that resemble the Eames Eiffel Chair.  (see post June 2 – Eiffel Chair).   My chairs are vintage and in great condition.  They were made in Canada by Jayden as indicated on the bottom of the chair and came from the office of the Law Society of Upper Canada.   (If only chairs could talk!!)  I originally thought the chairs would be fabulous as extras at the dining table but once I got them home I realized I could place them anywhere in the house and they looked great.  In my guest bedroom for a pop of colour and to hold an overnight bag, in my home office to serve as a desk chair or in front of my white credenza as the colour contrast is really fab.  So contrary to their previous location, my ‘Law Society’ chairs are no longer bound by rules or regulations as to where I can place them as they are now free to move about my home!


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