Labour Day Whites

Is white right after Labour Day?  Unofficially marking the end of summer, Labour Day is thought of as the last day of the year when it is OK to wear white.  Although considered somewhat of an old-fashioned idea and I am definitely not old-fashioned but you probably will not find me wearing white shoes or carrying a white purse post-Labour Day.  But white does exist after Labour Day in so many other ways.  I am speaking about white in home interiors.  I would proudly display a Barcelona® Chair in white leather in my home any time.


Or a white Saarinen Table.


Or one of the beautiful white Jonathon Adler  vases.


Is there anything nicer than serving a wonderful meal on white dinnerware?


Or having a stack of soft, plush white towels waiting for you after a warm soak?


And any time of the year I love to have a bouquet of white flowers in my home.


 I love white picture frames with white matting and white and black art.


So….white is right after Labour Day! 

Photos via: 1. Knoll 2. Knoll  3. Jonathon Adler  4. PotteryBarn  5. PotteryBarn                         6. Pottery Barn

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