CN Tower

The CN Tower is my beacon in Toronto.  It seems no matter where I go within the city I can always see the CN Tower.  Driving down my neighborhood street, from a plane window flying out of Toronto, perfectly framed between 2 of my favourite Mies van der Rohe buildings, riding my bike, out for an evening stroll.  It follows my like a symbol of strength.    Although the CN Tower inspires a sense of pride and inspiration for Canadians and a sense of awe for foreign tourists, its origins are rooted in practicality.   The rise of skyscrapers within Toronto beginning in the 1960’s caused serious communications problems for existing transmission towers, which were simply not high enough to broadcast over the new buildings. Signals bounced off the buildings creating poor television and radio reception for residents.  The CN Tower was the solution to the communications problems and remains the centre of telecommunications for Toronto.   The CN Tower was built by Canadian National (hence CN) Railway in 1976.  The massive project took 40 months to complete and when the final piece of the antenna was bolted into place on April 2, 1975 the CN Tower became the ‘World’s Tallest Free-Standing Structure’; a record the Tower held for an incredible 34+ years.   The CN Tower remains an internationally renowned architectural triumph, an engineering ‘Wonder of the Modern World’, world-class entertainment and dining destination and a must see for anyone visiting Toronto.   But for me it’s the pillar of strength that follows me where ever I go in T.O!






                                 All Images via MODMISSY


1 thought on “CN Tower

  1. Lovely photos! I share your delight in the CN Tower. My views have all been from the ground; in all my years living in Toronto and on many visits I have never gone up it. Maybe you will take some pictures from that perspective next time you do.

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