Leuty Lifeguard Station

What makes a building or structure so iconic?  Is it that the architecture is a marvel and a masterpiece?  Or does a renowned individual have to lay claim to its design.  Must the building be very unique and exclusive in its style and construction?  Or is it essential that the building be award-winning and internationally acclaimed?  Often a building or structure will singularly define a city and/or country.  Paris is known for its Eiffel Tower, Australia for the Sydney Opera House, New York City for the Statue of Liberty, London for the Tower Bridge, Dubai for the Burj-Al-Arab, India for Taj Mahal and Egypt for its Pyramids.  The list is lengthy.  But sometimes an ‘iconic’ building is simply no more than a building in a neighborhood that has become embedded into the hearts of the local residents.  One such building in my neighborhood is the Leuty Lifeguard Station.  Built in the 1920’s the small, simple wooden structure sitting at the water’s edge has stood the test of time.  It is still used every summer as a lifeguard station to monitor swimmers at the lake but it is also a spot well-known for “I’ll meet you at the lifeguard station” destination and the place where a ‘first kiss’ often occurs and where many great ‘photo ops’ are shot and a favourite scene for artists to capture.   A few years ago a S.O.S. (Save our Station) went out as a massive restoration $$ was required.  The local residents rallied and the Station was saved.  Couldn’t let an old friend down!  So what building is iconic for you?  Let me know.



           Images via Modmissy

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